We rent from individually equipment to the complete service we offer.
Our catalog contains renowned, quality and certified items.


2X Yamaha DXR15 (1100W)

99€ including taxes

2X Yamaha DXR15 + crate DSR118 (800W)

159€including taxes

2X Yamaha DXR12 (1100W)

79€including taxes

2X DB Technologies Cromo 8+ (300W)

39€including taxes

Micro HF Sennheiser

25€including taxes

Singing micro

10€including taxes

Instrument micro

10€including taxes


Speaker stand

5€including taxes

Micro stand

3€including taxes

Lighting truss (lifting tower H max: 3,5m + structure Truss: 3m)

40€including taxes

Lighting stand H max : 3,5m L max : 100cm

10€including taxes


PAR with flat LEDs ADJ 5PHEX White (50W)

15€including taxes

ADJ 12p HEX White (144W)

25€including taxes

Scan Stairville Juno Scan MKII

28€including taxes

ADJ Quad Phase

25€including taxes

Laser RGB (1W)

50€including taxes

Stroboscopic light bar Leds ADJ FREQ (80W)

25€including taxes

Lighting board DMX

25€including taxes

Fog machine Stainville SD30 + liquid refill

25€including taxes


CDJ 850 1 unit

45€including taxes

CDJ 900 1 unit

55€including taxes

DJM 900 Nexus

59€including taxes

DJM 400

29€including taxes

Technics SL1200 MK2 + ortofon concorde

75€including taxes

Controller DDJ SZ

100€including taxes


30€including taxes


30€including taxes

Computer stand

3€including taxes


All packs are provided with wires and electrical connector


Micro Cable :

3m : 1€including taxes
5m : 1,50€including taxes
10m : 2,50€including taxes

RCA XLR Stéréo Cable :

3m : 2,50€including taxes

Power Cable :

3m : 1€including taxes
5m : 1,50€including taxes
10m : 2,50€including taxes

DMX Cable :

1m : 1,50€including taxes
3m : 2€including taxes
5m : 2,50€including taxes
10m : 3,50€including taxes

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