All artistic competences meeting your needs

You are willing to give more fame to your establishment ?

Either it is a bar or a restaurant Art School Event will handle your communication all along.

We will help you grow your fame with creations of visual identity, event communication and artistic direction.

You can also trust our Djs from Bordeaux and Aquitaine that will give life to yout parties in a convivial atmosphere, as they were teached to in the DJ Art School.

Sébastien Rideaud

Since he has always been an electronic music enthusiast, Sébastien begins to produce, compose and lead techno events, in parralel with his studies. Thanks to his business school and sound engineer degrees he noticed the growing enthusiasm towards the Djing area. He founded the DJ Art School in 2007.

Antoine Tuphile

DJ, producer and artistic director of Art School Event. 10-year professional, he started his path in the late 90s.

With hundreds of diversified parties to his name, his strength is based on its ability to analyse and adjust in order to idealize your events. Better known under the name of Fruckie his artistic career is supported by artists like Etienne de Crecy, Acid Pauli, etc.


As the latest recruit of our DJ team, Koceïla can jump from a style to another and be a ceremony master who can guarantee a good musical atmosphere.

Thanks to his moments of musical sharing he can meet his partners' expectations. Koceïla is very enthusiast and professional at the same time. His work claims to be a dreamlike birth, we learn how to lose ourselves and dream thanks to party.

Afro Polo

Because he is an eclectic artist that combines mixing and saxophone, A-POLO offers a full of surprise and delicious musical cocktail. His rich and varied music goes through the years, the continents and the styles but still keeping as a base the hip hop, the soul and the jazz. The DJ set is punctuated with live saxophone parts on homemade groovy productions and remix.